Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving Update...

Just a note to let you know I/we haven’t fallen off the turnip truck somewhere and disappeared. 
And now for the house/moving update:
Lots of purging and cleaning and trying very hard to make a wet damp spring in Oregon and our yard look nice.  Sometimes the two don’t go hand in hand, but we are pleased with the outcome.
Got all of our pre-work done for getting a realtor
Got a realtor
A sign was put in the front yard saying “coming soon”
Two days later…well before it hit the market…it sold
A quick trip to look for a new place to live
Found place on day two
Have to be out of our house June 4th, 5:00PM
Nervous breakdowns…ha, ha…no time for that!
I needed a break, so Monday I played in the craft room and did get a birthday card made.  It was a refreshing respite for sure.
So that’s it from here for awhile.  Hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying your spring.  Have enjoyed your blogs and cards along the way too.  It’s nice to know creativity still flows out there.
Still enjoying my glass of wine, just not in the craft room and hope again soon in a new craft area, I can relax a little and once again be "Happy as a clam in white wine butter sauce"!




  1. Wow, all of your hard work paid off. Sold your house in a snap! So happy for you, it means that you got what you wanted for it. Then, you found a new house too! that must be a load off your mind. Now, you just have to move. I know that I regretted selling my house, as I built it myself when I was single. After getting married, 10 years ago, we built a new one and moved. I have never regretted it for a second! Where will the new house be? Thanks so much for the moving update. I tip my wine glass to you.

  2. I was so excited, I forgot to mention that I love the spring birthday card. Love those fresh colors together. Card making is such a great art expression.

  3. Congrats on selling your house. Isn't just the best when it sells before hitting the market? That's how ours sold in Jan. Good luck with the move. Can't wait till you get back to creating. I'll toast you at "wine time" today.

  4. Oh, moving can be such a hassle! I am so glad your house sold instantly. Mine did the same thing after I worked & worked my fingers to the bone. Hard work always pays off! Good luck with the move. Next time I have a glass of wine, I'll give a toast to you!

  5. Moving is such a huge job Barbara!! I hope you are done soon. Miss your beautiful cards. So that means you need to unpack your craftroom first LOL!!! Have a wonderful day.

  6. I can't imagine moving again. We moved several times when my husband was in the Air Force, but we have been in our current home for 38 years. I would sure hate to have to pack up all that we have accumulated over the years. lol Congrats on selling your home so quick. Hope all goes well with the move. We will all be here when you come back. lol

  7. Congrats on selling your house so fast! Haven't moved since my husband and I got married 13 years ago! Haven't made any cards lately been busy doing something else! I'll post them on my blog hopefully soon! Also glad that you found another place to live in! Have a Blessed day!

  8. How exciting, Barbara! A huge task is ahead of you, still. I sure would not want to start all over again with the garden, at least not the heavy work. Any new home for me would have to have at least the bare bones in place. There was no garden whatsoever here when we moved in. We are having a rainy spring, but some beautiful days, too. Good luck with your move.