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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

I made several valentine card designs this year.  These are the last of them.  They were contenders for Dave's card, but they didn't win the day.

Ava's Valentine

This Valentine goes to Ava, my youngest Grandchild.  She is as cute as a button with the sweetest personality and kind heart.  That little character on the card is almost as cute as Ava.  

Happy Valentine's Day Ava!!!

A Valentine for Aidan

Well this Valentine goes to my 4th Grandchild Aidan.  This little pooch looks a lot like Aidan's best friend "Dashall Henry".  Loved that bone sticking out of the Valentines bag.  

Happy Valentines Day Aidan!

Monday, February 25, 2019

A Valentine for Switzerland

Our daughter and husband not only wrangle 3 of their own kiddo's but also have a foreign exchange student from Switzerland for the full school year.  Matthias is a wonderful young man (a senior in high school), speaks English beautifully and fits in with the family like he's been there forever.  He definitely will be missed when he goes back home.  They call him Switzerland when trying to get his attention.  I'm hoping he likes the "Whale you be mine" sentiment I created for him.

Happy Valentine's Day Matthias!

A Valentine for Ella

This card is for my sweet Granddaughter Ella.  She is amazing in so many ways, but she doesn't like fussy things, but what she does like is critters!  And dogs, and cats and fishes, and lambs.....When I saw this rosy cheeked puppy I thought of Ella.  She has such a loving heart I knew she would like this guy.  Added the sentiment and extra heart.

Happy Valentine's Day Ella!

A Valentine for Luke

It can be a bit of a challenge to find an image for a card for my Grandson Lucas.  But I found one that I know he'll get a tickle out of.  Who doesn't love a pig bearing kisses.  Love the retro feel of this.  I created the "Be Mine" sentiment with the heart arrow.  Doesn't show in the picture but the Hershey's Kiss is all glittered up.

Happy Valentines Day Lucas!

Valentine for Maggie

Our oldest Granddaughter Maggie is away at college and always appreciates Happy Mail, so when I saw this sweet image I thought of her immediately.  I love this post box with the heart flag.  Happy Valentine's Day Maggie!!  Nana loves you!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Valentines for Brother, Sisters, Friends & Neighbors

I was into Valentine's Day Cards this year!  I couldn't seem to stop, it was so much fun.

I made pretty pink heart backing papers, and customized sentiments galore.  

This card took several steps to create...lots of little pretty pink digital hearts pieced together on white card stock.  Added that lovely floral bouquet in the bottom right corner and that was it.  NO SENTIMENT NEEDED said I!!!  Added a "Wink of Stella" glitter on the hearts.

I made several and sent them to family and friends alike.

Valentine for my Mother

My precious Mother who is 92 years young and no matter what is going on puts a big smile on my face.  I am so blessed to still have her in my life.  This is the card I made for her.  Started with a background paper that had lots of shades of pink giving it an hombre look.  It was very pretty on it's own, didn't need anything but the glittered heart swirl and the "Love You" sentiment which I created.

Happy Valentines Day 2019 Mom!

A Valentine Day Card for my Sweetie!

I made this Valentine's Day card for my husband Dave.  We have been married 51 years, he's received a LOT of cards from me, so wanted to do something a little different.

For this card I used 5 different digital images, plus the backing paper and then the card itself.  There is a white layer with a light grey border, there is a red layer on that, there is a text layer as background and a big pink heart with the sentiment "kisses" which I created.

It's hard to see, but there is a soft glitter wash around the pink heart and also the red border using A Wink of Stella Clear.

He liked it!  Happy Valentine's Day 2019 Dave!

Happy Mail for Rosy

I made this cute little Llama into a Thank You Card for Rosy.  She used to live here in the High Desert of Central Oregon, where we have lots of sweet llama's around.  None with flowers and cactus on their backs per say, but we do have flowers and we do have cactus.  Put that all together and you have that pretty little llama all dressed up and ready to give Rosy a big smile.

I made the sentiment using the Kimberly font, love it's frilly look and the only adornment is the sequin in the center of the bow for just a little sparkle.  Hope you enjoy it Rosy.

Thank you Rosy for thinking of me, I think of you often!

Happy Mail Surprise

How fun it was to pick up the mail today and find this!  I love Happy Mail and this one is especially dear because it comes to me all the way from Hawaii!!

It's from a fellow "paper crafter/card maker" Rosy.  She used to live here in the High Desert of Central Oregon and had heard we were having lots of snow.  Isn't that the cutest Penguin you have ever seen, all dressed for a cold winters day holding a steamy cup of hot chocolate, that sounds pretty good right about now!

Thank you Rosy for your sweet card and hand written note.  Mahalo!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Sandra Sue!!!

I have the sweetest friend, lots of fun, a wonderful sense of humor and a kind heart.  Really doesn't get better than that does it.

I found this image on Pinterest a long time ago and just took notice of it again.  My thought was...well this has potential, so off I went and this is what happened.

I created the birthday sentiment on the inside and also recreated the original sentiment on the front of the card.  Love doing that, gives it just a little more personality and makes it unique.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Birthday Card for Judy

My dear Sister-in-law Judy is having a birthday in a few days.  She is amazing, a total outdoor girl with a deep love for animals of all types.  Lives in the country, with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, chickens etc. etc. etc.

When I saw this handsome ole Rooster, I thought of Judy and that he just might put a big smile on her face.  So "cock-a-doodle-do" Judy!  Lots of Birthday love!!!

You'll see the card front...

And the back of the card...I have been having fun trying to fit the focal image on the front of the card to the signature side, and here it is...

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

One Final Christmas Card

Well actually I do have one more, but I won't bore you now.

I have a love affair with Poinsettia's, I love the color ranges and the beauty of their petals.  This one caught my eye because of it's airy, wispy look.  I created the sentiment (love doing that) and I thought I would photograph this with the front and the back of the card showing.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Happy Birthday Lori

A Birthday card for a dear friends daughter.  It's the same card as the one that I made for my sister Carol.  Just personalized the sentiment.

Charlou's Birthday Card "Wrinkle Free"

My little sister Charlou just had a birthday and she has a really good sense of humor.  So when I saw this I immediately thought of her!  Don't you love the lips on that cow and the red bow.

My Granddaughter's 20th Birthday!

So, Maggie turned 20.  She has always had grand plans and is well on her way to a very successful future.  Those plans also included a "trunk monkey" along the way to do her bidding, so behold the "Trunk Monkey" birthday card!  Isn't this little guy cute...seems a shame to lock him away in a trunk.

Happy Birthday Mags!

Ostrich Birthday

I love this funny Ostrich!  What a fun "in your face" Birthday card.  It's yet to be determined as to who is getting this one!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A selection of Christmas Cards for 2018:  I was in a very Christmas song kind of mood.