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Saturday, October 9, 2021

A warm & happy fall


 Raccoons get a bad wrap for causing havoc.  This one isn't so bad and he really is cute, all bundled up with his scarf.  So as the card says...don't worry, (ya right) just here to send a fall greeting, I would proceed with care!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Give Thanks


 I think this watercolor turkey is gorgeous.  

This is not the first time I've used him. I didn't do much to make this card, just added 

the greeting "Give Thanks" in a rusty brown that matched really well with the turkey 

using Arnetalia and Alegreya sans fonts, and a branch of leaves with 

the same color palate as our handsome turkey.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Fall is officially here...


Fall is officially here, the harvest is in...and I'm taking a nap! 

He looks pretty satisfied, well stocked, and pooped!



 Unfortunately in life we need sympathy cards.  

I came up with this one.  It shows serenity, sympathy and simplicity.

Prickly Recovery


 I'm in that age range where many friends are in the need of replacement parts.  

Knee's, hips, anything that can be replaced.

For that kind of card, a simple get well isn't the answer, for me anyway.  

We have lots of cacti here in the High Desert.  I came up with this card and prickly it is!

Monday, September 27, 2021

Birthday suit wrinkles


 This guy just makes me chuckle.  

The sentiment is fun, you don't hear the term "wrinkle in your birthday suit" much any more.  He's definitely got a wrinkle or two. 

Added the background swashes for a little more color and there you have it.  

The perfect birthday card for a guy with a "good sense of humor"!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sending Sunny Wishes for a Very Happy Birthday!


 For what ever reason, I had this "thing" for anything Watermelon themed this summer. For this card I fell in love with this sweet watermelon wreath and couldn't wait to put it on paper. 

And here in Central Oregon, we had a beautiful summer for munching on that sweet melon.

 Here is what I came up with for this birthday card...the sentiment came easy and other than that, I added a brush of colors that would complement the wreath. And there you have it.

Mom's 95th Birthday Card!


This was truly a labor of love. My Mother turned 95 this past July 28th. And she celebrated like a rock star! She even played "corn hole" for the first time. The whole family was there to celebrate her.

This scene is so pretty with the beautiful flowers, the peacock (isn't he beautiful), the dragonfly's and a very frilly birthday greeting. 

She said this card is her favorite...but she says that every year! 

Happy Birthday Mom!

This ice cream cone looks good enough to eat!


Absolutely, may your birthday be filled with joy, or in this case beautiful flowers! Made a greeting, simple and feminine and sprinkled the card with "gold dust". Yummy!



 I really had very little work to do for this card.  Just added a background for it, brightened it up and created a simple sentiment.  And it was done!  Hope you enjoy.

Tis Halloween...


This one took a long time to complete, but I think it was worth it. 
My Grandkids will like this...dark and spooky!


Saturday, September 25, 2021

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A Haunting Night!


Indeed it is a haunting night.  Just scary enough to be fun,

don’t you think?  

I love making Halloween cards with a “dark” background. 

They print nicely too.


Why yes I can!


So it's a fact that the best security system ever made for your car is a..."stick shift"! No one can drive them! 
I've seen similar sentiments on t-shirts but now I have one for my Halloween card. 
Used that witch in front of the big orange moon one more time, and with a few minor adjustments. 
I'm ready for round 2 of Halloween!


Halloween joy ride!



Hello Autumn! Fall truly is my favorite color





This was fun to put together.  This Raccoon is a good Raccoon because he is sleeping and out of mischief!

 This is another card I would send a friend to say hello.

I created the sentiment, love doing that.


Hello Autumn


I love this owl all dressed for Halloween in his special "hat".  Love that he's perched on that pretty lantern in a field of pumpkins.  The background brush really adds to the card I think.


Monday, September 20, 2021

Amy's 50th


I can’t believe our daughter turned 50 in June. Yikes, where has the time gone.

 Anyway, thought she might enjoy a card that definitely has a “celebratory” feel to it, 

and what says celebration like the yummy “Crantini”!

 Cheers to you Amy Lynne!


Thirteen Hundred Dead End Drive!


What would you do if you arrived at Thirteen Hundred Dead End Drive???
I'm not sure I would get out of the car!  
The greeting came to me quickly, thought it was perfect for this card.