Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Tomatoe Harvest

Well this has nothing to do with wine or making cards, but I do enjoy gardening when I'm not in my craft room, and as you can see I'm enjoying a wonderful first harvest of tomatoes.  Boy are they yummy!


  1. I love your blog. You are so brave. I was looking for a place to follow by email so hope that I found it. You do beautiful cards too. And, those tomatoes....yummy! Mine are just starting to turn but they are the bigger type.

  2. I saw that you had invited Verna to take a look at your blog, and I hopped over to take a peek myself. I just had to leave a comment, as I think you site is fab! Very elegant and professional looking. I got tired of my first attempted on my blog, and fooled around in an effort to e prove it, and now I have really done it. So I think I will need to contact my daughter for some blog help. Thank God I have technical help that is free. Lol
    Anyway, great job, keep it coming. I love my glass of wine too, which my hubby happily brings to me.

  3. Oh boy, I am sooooo jealous! I love tomatoes. The yellow have quickly become my favorite! So good to see you have a blog! Sorry, I put it in the wrong place

  4. Hi Barbara, thank you for coming to visit my blog, is it the Krafty Keepsakes button that you are looking to place on your sidebar? All you have to do is right click onto the button and click on 'Copy image URL' and then when you go back to your blog go to layout and add image. Then you can put the image url in the website, then just add my address at the link, just remember to remove the 'http' before you put anything in. I always do this and never copy the actual link as sometimes it does this. I hope I have made this as clear as I can. Hugs, Jen x
    Krafty Keepsakes